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Lee Dong Wook Plastic Surgery Before and After

Lee Dong Wook Plastic Surgery

Lee Dong Wook has one of the most distinct faces in South Korean celebrity scene. That’s because he doesn’t look South Korean at all. He looks like a mix of Asian races, and that probably earned him more attention from fans and the media. However, is Lee Dong Wook plastic surgery the cause for all this clamor over his handsome looks?

Lee Dong Wook is a South Korean actor. He made his acting debut in 1999 but had his breakthrough with the 2005 romantic comedy My Girl. You may have also seen him in other roles in other shows such as La Dolce Vita, Partner, Scent of A Woman, Wild Romance, The Fugitive of Joseon, and Hotel King.

Lee Dong Wook cute picture

However, you may know him best for his role in Goblin: The Lonely and Great God. At his current age of 35 years old, he has accomplished many things, and his image plays a great role in that.

But is plastic surgery to thank for all the craze over his handsome looks? In this article, we’ll be finding out just what he did in order to achieve such an iconic image.

Lee Dong Wook’s Nose Job

A nose job is one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures, and not just in South Korea. People go through this procedure in order to redefine the shape of their nose, most often with the goal of making their nose into the ideal shape.

Lee Dong Wook Childhood Pics

Lee Dong Wook’s old images show a slightly different nose than what he has today. If you compare his before and after pictures yourself, then you’ll see what we’re talking about here. However, it takes a keen eye to notice the difference.

Handsome Lee Dong-Wook

Before, Lee Dong Wook had a good-looking nose. Seems a bit weird that he still wanted to change it, right? Well, we do suspect that he did get a nose job at some point in his career. If you look closely, his nose became a little bit thinner and sharper than before. This change greatly improved his looks, even if it’s just a small difference.

Lee Dong Wook’s Double Eyelid Surgery

Lee Dong Wook’s old pictures show him with single eyelids only as expected, since many South Koreans only have single eyelids. However, at some point, he got the double eyelid surgery which turned out to be the best choice he made for both his image and his career.

Lee Dong Wook's Double Eyelid Surgery

Lee Dong Wook has double eyelids today and they make him look more expressive and a better actor. Moreover, the double eyelids make him look less Korean and more of a Filipino or Spanish looking man.

Lee Dong Wook Hot

Lee Dong Wook plastic surgery is quite minimal considering South Korean standards, but it did cause a great change to his face. However, we are not complaining at all. This change made him a hundred times more handsome than before, which is surely good for his future endeavors and roles.

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